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ng-click only work when "inspect elements" is switched on (IE11 on Windows)

user1343 Published in July 20, 2018, 1:13 am

I'm using the following code which works perferctly on Chrome and Firefox, but don't work on IE unless "inspect elements" is switched on :

<button data-ng-click="myfunction(true)" role="button" aria-disabled="false" type="button"  data-content="1"></button>

myfunction :

function myfunction (bool) {
        if ( myList && myList.length > 0)) {
            // doSomething

I realized that the problem only happens in the second case (else), where I have to call the goGetMyList(bool) function, in this case nothing works unless "inspect elements" is switched ON, in the other case ("if" case) it works perfectly whether "inspects element" is switched on or not. So I guess my problem is due to the call of the function goGetMyList(bool) :


function goGetMyList(bool){
   var parameter = myService.getParameter();
   .then(function (res) {
   .then(function (err) {

Did you get this problem before with IE and do you have ideas how to resolve it ?

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