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How to store state in an Actor

user1045 Published in July 17, 2018, 12:01 am

I am using the AKKA framework for concurrency with Java and have the following use case

The actors operate on a graph data structure and work on each node in the graph in a specific order and do not proceed to the next until a node is processed

Here is the relevant code

if (msg instanceof processGraph) {

      // For each level in the graph create a child at each level, for nodes on the same level create child actors simultaneously

      BreadthFirstIterator bfs = new BreadthFirstIterator<>(graph);
        while (bfs.hasNext()) {
          ActorRef NodeProcesor = getContext().actorOf(NodeProcesor.props());
             NodeProcesor.tell(send the node),



Now the question is, while the nodes of one graph are getting processed a new graph may be handed over to the GraphProcessor, this will confuse the actor from tracking the state of the graph? How do I correctly maintain this informtaion?

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