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Matlab App Designer. Using DropDown to open and close panels

user1075 Published in August 15, 2018, 11:16 am

I'm new to matlab and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light. I am using Matlab R2017B and App Designer.

My question: I have a panel in a GUI that is default set to invisible. I also have a dropdown menu with a few values stored:

"Please Select" "Panel 1" "panel 2" "panel 3" etc...

when i select panel 1 from the dropdown I want that specific panel to then become visible. ie the callback:

function DropDownValueChanged(app, event) app.Panel1.Visible = 'on';

this is all fine and works but I cant seem to get the next part right. When i go back to the dropdown and select "panel 2" What i would like is for the program to then close the current panel and open the panel named "panel 2" by selecting that value from the dropdown.

Am I wrong in using visibility to define this? How can i connect the dropdown values to corresponding panels in a more intuitive way? I've been messing around with all sorts of tutorials but still cant get it to work

Thanks in advance

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