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Best practices for final year project

user1185 Published in April 23, 2018, 9:31 am

For my final year project i chosed to create a communication application more like Skype ( message chat, voice chat and screen sharing and file transfer those are the most importing things ) in .NET . After some research i found out mostly how all of this things could be done, but i still have a few questions .

  • Should the server be a Windows Service, WCF, WPF, WebAPI ? Or what type of project fits better ?
  • For client (here i didn't do that much research) could i use Electron. NET ? (from what read so far i kinda feel that i could use it, but i'm not 100% sure).
  • For authentication could i use Json Web Tokens even if it's a windows application ? (i kinda feel that this is not good for a windows application)
  • I also read something about GraphQL and i liked it. Is there a possible way to use it in the communication between server and client ?
  • For screen sharing i was thinking that maybe i could add something like remote access (like it is on Skype for Business). Never done something like this before and i have no clue how it should work. Any ideas ?

Any ideas/answers are welcome. Thanks !

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