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How to async loops through HTML table with condition?

user6891 Published in September 19, 2018, 11:02 am

I have table with some row in it. I wanted to loop through those rows and put selector at the current row. This loop should start at index 0 to the last row and restart from 0 again over and over again until stop button is clicked.

So far I achieved this by using interval:

// Start sequence function
function startSequence() 
    console.log('start sequence initiated.');

    //Disable start, add, open, save button and enable stop button

    var number = 0;
    const rowCount = $('#sequence_table').find('tr').length;

    // using interval only to simulate row selection change
    interval = setInterval(function () {
        console.log('sequence tick -> ' + number);

        // Remove class marker on the previous row
        $('#sequence_table tr').eq(number - 1).removeClass('purple accent-3 white-text');
        // Add class marker on the current row
        $('#sequence_table tr').eq(number).addClass('purple accent-3 white-text');

        if (number === (rowCount)) {
            number = 0;
    }, 1000);

// Stop sequence function
function stopSequence() 
    console.log('stop sequence initiated.');

    // Enable start, add, open, save button and disable stop button


    // Clear all rows from selection marker
    $('#sequence_table tr').removeClass('purple accent-3 white-text');

But using this method I'm unable to put condition where selection should ONLY go to next row if certain conditions are met and will WAIT until those conditions are met. I wanted something like :

var joint1done = ($('#range_joint1').val() === $('#text_joint1').val());
var joint2done = ($('#range_joint2').val() === $('#text_joint2').val());
var joint3done = ($('#range_joint3').val() === $('#text_joint3').val());
var joint4done = ($('#range_joint4').val() === $('#text_joint4').val());
var joint5done = ($('#range_joint5').val() === $('#text_joint5').val());

if (joint1done && joint2done && joint3done && joint4done && joint5done) {
    // Go to the next row

I'm new to Javascript, I've read some async module but unable to decide which one is suitable to my needs.

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