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sysbench connect error - MySQL 8

user1154 Published in August 15, 2018, 11:17 am

This sysbench test fails even though my other mysql 8 clients connect just fine from this same bash session to MySQL 8. I have checked the following:

sestatus : is disabled permissions is fine on /mnt/optane2, the sock file is there. made sure I compiled sysbench with the libs and includes from mysql8 No issues with other mysql 8 client tools

Using the latest sysbench 1.0.14

Is there other PATH'ing that is needed.

My PATH variable looks like this:


# sysbench --tables=8 --table-size=50000000 --mysql-db=dbtest --mysql-user=root --mysql-password=zzz --db-driver=mysql --db-debug=on  --mysql-socket=/mnt/optane2/my.sock /usr/share/sysbench/oltp_read_write.lua prepare
sysbench 1.0.14 (using bundled LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta2)
FATAL: unable to connect to MySQL server on socket '/mnt/optane2/my.sock', aborting...
FATAL: error 1049: Unknown database 'dbtest'
FATAL: `sysbench.cmdline.call_command' function failed: ./src/lua/oltp_common.lua:98: connection creation failed
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