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Excel-VBA: Get numeric value from alphanumeric

user1505 Published in July 20, 2018, 1:07 am

I have a column (Column A) which has alphanumeric text and I want to read it and write it back to another column (Column C). The code is;

Sub getnumber()

'Define Variable
Dim anicode As Variant
Dim n As Long
Dim lastrowdata As Long

'Data Location
lastrowdata = range("A2").end(xlDown).Row - 1

'Redefine Array
ReDim anicode(lastrowdata)

'Read Data
For n = 1 To lastrowdata
  anicode(n) = Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(1 + n, 1)
Next n

'Altering Data
For n = 1 To lastrowdata
  If IsNumeric(anicode(n)) Then
     anicode(n) = NumericOnly
  End If
Next n

'Write Data
For n = 1 To lastrowdata
  Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(1 + n, 3) = anicode(n)
Next n

End Sub

I am stuck at the Altering Data part where I want to get value from the text only. I only new in VBA and only know IsNumeric function currently. In the column A, the data is alphanumeric and is random, where it might have dash (-) or space ( ) or even jumble up with alphabet such as S2 or X4. There is possibility that the data is only numeric (since the data is long ~8k and will be growing).

As examples; in Column A, I have

R1-Adapa S2
R2-Adapa S2
R3-Omis 14

and in Column C, I would like to have the numeric only


Appreciate if any possible function or any opinion regarding my problems or on my code. Thanks stackoverflow.com

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