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How do I *properly* run an asyncio/aiohttp request in a loop?

user4988 Published in September 19, 2018, 11:34 am

I am trying to request a bunch of URLs concurrently however the URLs are built from a list. Currently I am looping over the list and (I think) adding them to the queue as it happens. It is definitely 10x faster than requests.get, however I am not sure I am doing it correctly and so it can be optimized. I profiled it and noticing it is still locking 90% of the time after the concurrent requests are done i.e start -> 10+ concurrent requests -> lock for 5 seconds or so -> done

Additionally, this code results in a Unclosed client session message at the end. Any idea why? Pretty sure this is using a context manager properly.

I have searched and not found this exact question

 import signal
 import sys
 import asyncio
 import aiohttp
 import json
 import requests

 lists = ['eth', 'btc', 'xmr', 'req', 'xlm', 'etc', 'omg', 'neo', 'btc', 'xmr', 'req', 'xlm', 'etc', 'omg', 'neo']

 loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
 client = aiohttp.ClientSession(loop=loop)

 async def fetch(client, url):
     async with client.get(url) as resp:
         assert resp.status == 200
         return await resp.text()

 async def main(loop=loop, url=None):
     async with aiohttp.ClientSession(loop=loop) as client:
         html = await fetch(client, url)

 def signal_handler(signal, frame):

 signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal_handler)
 tasks = []
 for item in lists:
     url = "{url}/{endpoint}/{coin_name}".format(

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