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jquery table onclick for particular column

user1931 Published in April 26, 2018, 1:46 pm

This is my html table.

<table id="status_table" class="table table-bordered">
             <th>PRODUCT NO.</th>
             <th>GST %</th>
             <th>GST AMOUNT</th>
             <th>FINAL AMOUNT</th>
             <th>VENDOR ID</th>
             <th>Delivery Date</th>
             <th>Submited Date</th>

Here I append table data from json

$("#status_table > tbody").append(
    "<tr><td id='sno'>" 
    + sno 
    + "</td><td id='product_id'>" 
    + obj.status[i].productno 
    + "</td><td id='description'>" 
    + obj.status[i].description 
    + "</td><td id='qty'>" 
    + obj.status[i].qty 
    + "</td><td id='scope'><a href='#'>view scope</a></td><td id='amount'>" 
    + obj.status[i].amount 
    + "</td><td id='gstp'>" 
    + obj.status[i].gst_p 
    + "</td><td id='gstamount'>" 
    + obj.status[i].gst_amount 
    + "</td><td id='finalamount'>" 
    + obj.status[i].final_amount 
    + "</td><td id='vendor_id'>" 
    + obj.status[i].vendor_id 
    + "</td><td id='ddate'>" 
    + obj.status[i].delivery_date 
    + "</td><td id='date'>" 
    + obj.status[i].date 
    + "</td><td id='status'>" 
    + status 
    + "</td></tr>");

I need perform onclick for (scope) particular column. Here i can't able get the cell column too.

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