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Lucene Search Luke vs Hibernate Search different result

user5788 Published in September 19, 2018, 9:09 am

I am running the following lucene query phrase in luke:

+(debtorNumber:10200000 originalDebtorNumber:10200000) +(serviceName:"skype for"^840.0 (serviceName:for* serviceId:for*) (serviceName:skype* serviceId:skype*))

shows at the beginning expected result for ex.:

Skype for Business for Managers

Microsoft Skype for Business Conferencing (Plan2)

Telephone dial-in for Skype for Business Conferencing

and so on.

The same query executed with hibernate search shows different result :/

I am getting for example the following result:

antivirus protection for your PC, notebook or server

central administration for thin clients

skype for comes on the 3rd or 4th page.

The java code is:

SearchManager = Search.getSearchManager(cache)
CacheQuery<MyType> query = searchManager.getQuery(booleanQuery, MyType.class)

List<MyType> pagedResulat = query

This logs the above query which I used in Luke

log.info("Lucene Search boolean query:" + booleanQuery);

Please advise.

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  • Please show us how you are building your boolean query (booleanQuery in your code). – yrodiere Apr 17 at 8:01

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