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Getting information on for disk space management

user841 Published in April 23, 2018, 9:42 am

I'm looking after a small Linux system "disk area" with a few users, and a limited ammount of disk space and I'm looking for tools to look at statistics about the files on disk and who owns it. For example, what space is being used by users, the times the files were last accessed to looking for old files that are big and not being used, the ammount of spaced used by files older than X ammount of days, ect...

My intention would be to use the data to produce an html page with the stats (ideally with Python) for the other users and me to be aware of the space being used and manage our disk space the best way. Note that I'm not the sys admin, I'm just looking after the disk space

I've been searching the web I could not find any thing suitable that would work for us.

Any ideas?


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