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Close $mdDialog from different component

user1425 Published in May 22, 2018, 9:21 pm

I have a button in my CardKnowledgeDB.html

<button ng-click="vm.launchContactActivityPopup()">Contact</button>

It calls this function in my CardKnowledgeDBComponent.ts

public launchContactActivityPopup(): void {
        template: `
            <md-dialog class="add-contact-moment-popup">
        targetEvent: null,
        clickOutsideToClose: false,

public cancel(): void {

I have a ResponsiveNavigation component that has a a href button inside the template to return to the homepage. When I click it and return to the homepage I want to close the current $mdDialog.

So how do I reference the $mdDialog that's in the CardKnowLedgeDBComponent.ts from my ResponsiveNavigationComponent.ts?

Or is there a global way to close all $mdDialog views?


You can just add

public removeMdDialog() {

(and Inject the mdDialog) and you have a global function to close a $mdDialog.

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