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How can get the END CALL message by Bluetooth

user1224 Published in July 17, 2018, 12:04 am

We build a VoIP APP, but it doesn't support CallKit yet.

The iPhone connects another device (for example : a device in a car likes carplay ) by bluetooth(HFP/A2DP) first.

The user opens this App and join the VoIP, he can talk with other people using the device, the iPhone connects the device by bluetooth, it works well.

There are 2 UIs in this device likes the carplay, and the user can switch between 2 UIs.

  • The first UI : there are play/stop/next/previous button in the UI, we click this button, the App can receive the message by the MPRemoteCommandCenter.
  • The second UI : there is a END CALL button in it, when I click the button, we can't any message.

The iOS system log shows:

bluetoothd   Received call hangup event (AT+CHUP) from device <private>

bluetoothd   Found ongoing virtual call - Acking device and notifying upper layers.

So I think the device has send a message to iPhone system by bluetooth, but the App can't receive this message from iPhone system. I try using the MPRemoteCommandCenter/CTCallCenter, but failed.

How can get this message?

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