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Notify user if their search criteria are met

user1281 Published in August 15, 2018, 11:16 am

I developing a sale system using asp.net mvc. My search system allows users to save their search criteria and will notify them by email when a new product is posted is met their criteria. I tried the following:

The first way: Create a function to send bulk mail through gmail and I put this function in the post function. You can see the code described below to understand what I said:

public ActionResult PostProduct()
  var list = Check(); // get a list of user email when their search criteria are met with the posted product
  Send(list); // send email to the list
  // I don't know how long does it take to complete this function?

However, this method requires a lot of resources from the server and takes a lot of time to respond (if the number of emails up to 1000, it would be a bad thing), but I can customize the parameters into email content (such as links, images, ...)

The second way: I used a mail service (MailChimp) and I called its API successfully, sending mail seems easy but I can not adjust the input parameters. That means I can not customize the content of my email. I would like to ask people if there is a better and wiser way of doing things than I used to. Thank for reading

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