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IQKeyboardManagerSwift toolbar not disabled in WebView

user942 Published in April 19, 2018, 9:56 am

I am using IQKeyboardManagerSwift in my app. It is working perfectly in some ViewControllers I have to disable it's toolbar. According to documentation I should add viewcontrollers in which I want to disable toolbar in following array.

IQKeyboardManager.sharedManager().disabledToolbarClasses = []

Now It is working perfectly for TextFields in view controller. But problem is with TextFields inside webview. I have a viewcontroller in which I have to input data in fields inside WebView, for fields inside webview Toolbar is not disabled I tried many ways. Even disabling IQKeyBaord (IQKeyboardManager.sharedManager().enable = false) for whole app doesn't effect WebView

I do not understand what is the issue is there some specific handling for WebView or what can be possible alternate.

For clarification top view with Done button is toolbar that I am referring.

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