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ship extension with Framework

user923 Published in July 17, 2018, 12:02 am

We have a backend private sdk (PrivateSDK). The target outputs a static library which then gets used by our app. I've developed a keyboard extension (ZKeyboard) which has to interact with the PrivateSDK classes. So want to ship the extension with PrivateSDK so that it could used by the app and would appear in the list of available keyboards.

I'm not sure how this'll get configured. Presently the UIInputViewController implementation (the mm file) is added in the PrivateSDK target and also under Compile Sources in Build Phases. What more should I do?

Please let me know for more clarifications. What I'm trying to do is embed a custom keyboard extension in a SDK (which is distributed as a static library). This target output will then be used by our app.

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