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Printing a HTML page from react app

user1538 Published in April 22, 2018, 10:11 pm

I have been trying to print a HTML document (not hosted by the same server) from my react app. I do not have any controls over this HTML document, I cannot edit it. I need to print the document when a button in my application is clicked. My application code is sort of similar to the below:

class SomeComponent {
    _onPrintButtonClick() {
        // the code to print the HTML document at HTMLFilePath must go here
    render() {
        return (
            // some button
            // some input field
            <iframe id="iframe" src={HTMLFilePath} />

I have already tried the following:

Attempt #1: Has no effect, only the HTML file opens in a new tab/ window

_onPrintButtonClick() {
            const w = window.open(HTMLFilePath);
            w.onload = function() {

Attempt #2: Throws cross origins error

_onPrintButtonClick() {
            const pWindow = document.getElemetById('iframe');

Attempt #3: postMessage - I do not own the HTML document, so cannot receive the posted messages there.


I'm not looking to do anything big, any fix as simple as opening the HTML document in a new window with print dialog popping up would be sufficient.

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