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Custom Windows Service Keeps failing

user1533 Published in April 23, 2018, 9:33 am

I have had to make changes to an assembly reference for a project that runs as a service.

Since then I have had trouble getting the thing to run. It seems that somewhere along the execution of this thing it fails and stops the service.

The .dll in question has been deployed to other projects that run as a scheduled task and hasn't caused any issues there.

This post here (stackoverflow services) suggests that all I need to do is stop the service and start it up again having swapped out the dlls, but I get the feeling I am missing something?

Or even better is there a way to see if the executable that the service runs is working, like in task manager?


I can see what is breaking it and it's entityframe work throwing an exception relating to MetaData, I have a "Core" and and "Application" layer to this project, the core handles the data and the EF models, but it seems the metadata between the connection strings is different eg:


which is different to the below:


They are both the same name and catalog etc in the connection strings, do they have to be the same?

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