Home WordPress page loads for too long with no error code
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WordPress page loads for too long with no error code

user1143 Published in April 19, 2018, 10:04 am

I have a Wordpress page as a custom endpoint where I use it in order to duplicate products.

The URL is something like ?action=duplicate&product=x

There are several similar endpoints all of them doing something related to Woocommerce products, but they all work just fine.

This specific page even though it's executed normally, according to access log, it seems to load for ever with no response back.

In my local env it works as expected with no problems.

Here are some screenshots:

Accessing the page via AJAX call

Doesn't produce an error

The interesting part is in when I access the page directly, where it seems again to load forever but on the access log I get 2 entries: 1 with 200 status and 1 with 301(!).

The even more paradoxical is that the 301 error comes first while the 200 - even though with the exact timestamp, several lines after(!!) with no respect to the other entries timestamps.

I have direct access to the production server via SSH, but my sys-admin knowledge is too limited to solve this!

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