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Inheriting Generic Types

user998 Published in April 23, 2018, 9:31 am


  1. I already know the framework does not allow the pattern to be discussed, in the example
  2. I have a need that would benefit from a more simple application of the Generic pattern.


I am reviewing code for a client and identified a handful of Static/Instance methods that are reliably implemented across several Classes/Structs.

I am looking for an approach, similar to the Example, that will allow for the design described to be performed.


public class StaticObject<T>: T where T: class, new(){
    public void Method1(){}
    public int Method2(){}

public class Object : StaticObject<KeyedCollection<string, object>>{



What alternative means could i leverage to obtain the ability to have a class inherit from the Generic T and have exposed the two Static methods?

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