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summarizing with dplyr by grouped years

user1829 Published in June 24, 2018, 11:58 pm

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I am trying to summarise some data. I am trying to take a set of data with years, months, and refunds. What I want to so is group by year, and show the month with highest refunds and the corresponding refund amount.

Some example data:

Year, Month, Ref 
2017, Jan, 1234 
2017, Feb, 2345 
2017, Mar, 1123 
2018, Jan, 1133 
2018, Feb, 3453 
2018, Mar, 2343 

What I have so far:

RefTable <- returns_data %>% group_by(Year) %>%
  summarise(MaxRefAmt  = max(Ref))

This will pull in the correct amount but finding the corresponding month is proving very difficult. I am thinking an ifelse statement needs to be involved but I am not to sure on how to go about doing this. I also am trying to use dplyr to do this as I need the practice with this package.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if I need to clear anything up.

Edit: I have noticed that this was marked duplicate. I did not realize that it was. However, after reviewing the similar question, it is apparent to me that I do not understand the previous answer. This answer makes more sense to me and was more in the context of the actual problem I was looking into. Furthermore, the results on the previous question that this is similar to were not working while the top result from this question works without issue.

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