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What to use: Class or Module, in ROR

user6212 Published in September 20, 2018, 10:22 pm

I am new to ROR and trying to convert my PhP application to ROR application. There is one php file common.php which is included in almost all other files. Likewise common.php in turn uses RPCClient.php and User.php . Variables and methods are shared across php files. So, what should I use in ROR a class or a module as data is shared among various files.

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  • Possible duplicate of What is the difference between include and require in Ruby? – RiggsFolly May 9 at 16:53
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    This is not a duplicate of the nominated exemplar, although that question does have some relevance, since the solution to the OP's problem will use "require" and "include." – Wayne Conrad May 9 at 16:58

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