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Redirect product pages to another site

user1036 Published in June 20, 2018, 10:41 pm

This is a bit of a odd situation, of needing to recode WooComm to send visitors to a separate website as their store-front (I didn't ask why, I'm just paid to "make it happen.") I've figured out thanks to StackOverflow how to do a, I guess "basic" redirect, but I need to be able to redirect something around 20 product pages to their respective mirror-products on the other site.

Below is some simple code I found here, but I need to modify slightly. The "if(is_product))" I'd like to refine to be specific to each product and to send to their mirror-products. I'm sure there's a better method, but I'm still very very new to this level of coding. And for security reasons, I'm using Google as the redirect destination for posting the code here.

function custom_shop_page_redirect(){
if (class_exists('WooCommerce')){
        wp_redirect( 'https://google.com' );
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