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How to loop a query in different databases in T-SQL?

user1732 Published in June 19, 2018, 6:14 pm

I have the following query that needs to be executed in different databases but table name and its structure is the same.

--query to be executed
select cust_num, name, credit_hold, credit_hold_reason, 
       when credit_hold_reason = 'NP' then 'No payments'
       when credit_hold_reason = 'UK' then 'Unknown'
       when credit_hold_reason = 'BK' then 'Bankruptcy'
    end) as 'Type of credit hold reason',
 credit_hold_date, credit_limit
from [database_01].[dbo].[custaddr] 
--- from [database_02].[dbo].[custaddr] 
--- from [database_03].[dbo].[custaddr] 
order by credit_hold_reason asc

As you see, I just need to change the name of the database or "loop" in some sort of variable that holds the name of the databases, i.e.,

tables_in_loop = ['[database_01].[dbo].[custaddr]', 'from [database_02].[dbo].[custaddr]', 'from [database_03].[dbo].[custaddr]']

When you have the name of the databases, a connection is generated to them and all these databases are in the same server.

I do not have any approach or scratch code about this because this involves more depth in knowledge in SQL and unfortunately I am not an expert - yet. I read the following post SQL Server: how to get a database name as a parameter in a stored procedure and the approach to solve it seems similar here:

declare @dbname nvarchar(255);    
set @dbname = 'db1';    

if @dbname = 'db1'
    use db1;
else if @dbname = 'db2'
    use db2;

but @dbname needs to increased to the next database and this is not specified in the link.

Any help or code in here would be appreciated.

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