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Axis labels are cut off when saving MATLAB figure

user1115 Published in May 27, 2018, 3:36 am

Consider the following MWE with produces a figure:

close all

fig1 = figure(1);
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)')
ylabel('Amplitude (dB)')

PaperW = 16;
PaperH = 7.5;
fig1.Units = 'centimeters';
fig1.Position = [20 10 PaperW PaperH];
fig1.PaperUnits = 'centimeters';
fig1.PaperPosition = [0 0 PaperW PaperH];


I'm trying to save this as a .png file using print. Additionally, I want the saved image to be 16cm by 7.5cm. I specified this using PaperW and PaperH (the width and height).

The problem is, the bottom of the xlabel text is cut off. Why is this happening? And how can I solve this problem?

Zoomed in on the xlabel. Notice how the bottom of the q and y are cut off.

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