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How to interact between 32bit and 64bit applications

user1503 Published in June 19, 2018, 6:12 pm

I am developing and application in Matlab which relies on external 32bit libraries for a specific task which is frequently called and requires fast response. These libraries are only available in 32bit. Since recent Matlab versions are only 64bit, I need to keep the development of the whole application in an outdated version of Matlab. I am looking for ways to overcome this limitation, and had two in mind.

First, I checked for ways to call the 32bit libraries from 64bit Matlab, but I was told this is either not possible or requires complex interface developments which I cannot assume.

Then I thought of splitting my application in two, one in 32bit Matlab that uses the 32 libraries and the other for all the rest of the functionalities in 64bit Matlab. I need to share data between them, just a few numbers, but it happens often and I need fast response (<1second).

I have tried to use a text file where both applications read and write. The main application would change a number there, and the other application would be continuously (every 0.1 sec for example) checking this value in the text file to know when it should start.

This solution works, but I am wondering if there is a more efficient way to do it, at least to avoid so frequent access to a text file on the hard drive, which can limit performance of the machine and even affect durability. Maybe something that is only stored in RAM?

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!

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