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user846 Published in June 19, 2018, 6:25 pm

I'm trying to rewrite some urls on a website (rewrite, no redirection) but couldn't get it to work. So curious if someone can help me with this.

The following two pages using an url part I want to change.

Archive Pages http://domain.nl/nproject-category/iphone

Single Project Pages http://domain.nl/nproject/iphone-8

For the archive pages I want to change the url part (nproject-category):

http://domain.nl/nproject-category/iphone to http://domain.nl/reparatie-categorie/iphone

And the single project page url (nproject):

http://domain.nl/nproject/iphone-8 to http://domain.nl/reparatieoverzicht/iphone-8

Looking forward to some advice or solutions. Thanks in advance.

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