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Best way to share a dynamic PHP output?

user1062 Published in May 24, 2018, 11:14 pm

So, I have been working with Wordpress for some years on and off most for own projects and now I'm making a recipe site. The problem I'm facing is ex. the ingredient shoppinglist and how to share it to ex. Whatsapp.

As the recipe list is generated nicely I can for example choose to print it, and that is working fine. But I wish to be able to share it. And it is a dynamic output from a PHP file and does not get stored anywhere so I'm thinking about a few options here:

  1. Should I create a script to save the output into a database(MySql) and generate a link that is shareable, what is the best option here?

  2. Should I create a file and share that one?

  3. What are your opinion on best way to save a PHP output into something that is easy to share for ex. in an email or Whatsapp or maybe just using mobile native share.

The problem is ofc. if I try to share the .php it just shares the actual link and does not include anything else than some static HTML.


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