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MySQL Server Split Scaling Databases/Tables among Users

user1733 Published in May 27, 2018, 3:38 am

I'm relatively new to Databases and have been looking into a solution that will allow users, under my server, to access their own data and no one else. I want these databases for the user to be scalable, so if more space is needed to store files, they can do so with little intervention.

I was looking into MySQL, as I have only done single database work with it, and was trying to see how this could potentially be done. Would the best course of action be set a database for each user? That way the tables for each database are separate, password protected, and cannot exchange data among the tables in other databases? I know there can be essentially unlimited databases and tables, in addition to table sharding/partitioning, so I think this is a solid choice, but was wondering if anyone who has worked with MySQL more had any input.


EDIT: Update for clarification of desires. So what I essentially want is a platform where I am the owner, but I can have users log in to my platform to access their data. This data will probably mostly include files, such as PDF's, but as to their size I cannot tell, but am planning for the worst. They will be able to use a web/application to view their files and download, upload, sort, delete these files. So in addition to creating files, there will be the ability to see historic files and download those as well if desired. What my platform will be providing is the framework for these files with fields being autofilled if I can, as well as the UI for the file management. My concern comes from architecture of having multiple users, with separate data, to be kept separate, scalable, and not completely crash the server with read/writes.

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