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Stop a promise chain without using reject in AngularJS

user1322 Published in June 19, 2018, 2:43 pm

According to this blog post, it's possible to return null in a resolver function to skip over subsequent then handlers in a promise chain. I'm curious as to how this works -- nothing in the Promises/A+ spec defines this behavior that I can see.

For my use case, I adapted their example to handle rejections from the $uibModal modal dialog service in Angular UI Bootstrap, which resolves or rejects depending on whether the modal is closed or dismissed:

  // ... modal options
.catch(function () {
  // Modal dialog was dismissed, so use this trick to stop the promise chain
  return $q(function () { return null; });
.then(function () {
  // ... this will not get executed if dialog was dismissed
  return someAPIcall();
.catch(function () {
 // ... handle errors with API call

This is nice because I don't have to check the error value (the $uibModal API uses various strings for modal rejection types) in the first catch or use complex branching/nesting to avoid mixing the handling of modal dismissal rejections with errors produced by someAPIcall().

But how does it work? Where is this documented?

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