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Prepared Statements Mysql not working

user933 Published in May 25, 2018, 6:55 pm

I am trying to use prepared statements to select data from a table as the following. This method does not work.

    $sql = "SELECT * FROM `usrs` WHERE `username` = ? ";
    $statement = $this->conn->prepare($sql);
    if (!statement)
        throw new Exception($statement->error);
    $returnValue = $statement->execute();
    return $returnValue;

$sql should be in the following format.

$sql = "SELECT * FROM `usrs` WHERE `username` = 'username' ";

however the above code does not place single quotes ' ' around username

I need to place username between two single quotes ' ' as shown. if I use just

$sql = "SELECT * FROM `usrs` WHERE `username` = username "

it does not work.

any suggesstions how to do that.

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