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Disable shortcode if status of value changes?

user1073 Published in May 24, 2018, 11:17 pm

Looking to do enable or disable shortcode in a function, depending on a value. For instance, if someone says purchases a license key to use some shortcode on their site, I'd like to have the shortcode become disabled if they license expires. Example function I've been working on below:

my_premium_shortcodes(); // Fires early in my php file

function my_premium_shortcodes(){
    $status     = get_option( 'key_status' );

    if( $status !== false && $status == 'valid' ) { 


    } else {



Any input on my approach or if the function should be handled in a separate way would be appreciated. As it stands, the shortcodes are working when everything is enabled, but stay enabled even after the 'status' changes to 'invalid'.

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