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AngularJS Login using HTTP Get with a JSON file

user839 Published in May 27, 2018, 3:38 am

I am trying to create a user logon page where the user's input is compared against a JSON file of usernames and passwords (yes, I know client-side authentication is a terrible idea, but this is purely for developing my skills and isn't a real project.

.then(function(response) {
  $scope.userlist = response.data;
  angular.forEach($scope.userlist, function(item) {});

$scope.JSONLogin = function() {
angular.forEach($scope.userlist, function(item) {
  if ((item.LoginName == $scope.uName) && (item.Password == $scope.pWord)) {
    window.alert("Success); //


I've been looking at this page AngularJS User Login to Json file for some guidance, but I can't seem to get something working. What am I missing?

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