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doubts about facebook permissions

user1161 Published in June 20, 2018, 7:29 am

My current graph api version is 3.0.

I have these approved permissions that I am currently using.

Last May 3rd, I received an alert in the panel saying that I had to request the review of the application for those permissions. I only use the user_friends and publish_actions.

And 14 days later I receive another message with no publish_actions permission:

In the login of my app I ask for this information:

fbLoginButton.setReadPermissions(Arrays.asList("public_profile", "email", "user_birthday", "user_friends"));

mLoginManagerFacebook.logInWithPublishPermissions(this, Arrays.asList("publish_actions"));

and when I receive the user I collect this data like:

parameters.putString("fields", "id,name,email,gender,birthday,locale");

I would like to know exactly what permissions I should commit to revision in order for my app not to be in warning.

I read the changes on the permissions and I'm not sure what changes I have to make. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/changelog/breaking-changes/

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